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Sunday, August 17, 2008

June 28, 1974

It all began on June 28, 1974...well, actually 9 months before that... but we will start the day I was actually born! My mom drove herself to her regular Dr. appointment and was admitted because I was ready to move out of that dark little space! My dad came to the hospital from work to be there at my arrival! It was somewhere around 4 in the afternoon when my dad saw, for the first time, a little birthmark hiding in the small patch of wispy hair on the top of my head. And there my life began.... cold..naked...a helpless little baby girl ... with 10 fingers and 10 toes.. entering into a world... and a family! My Dad, Willie Willard Powell My Mom, Anita K McWhorter Powell Christy Michelle Powell Michael Kevin Powell... and.. ME :) These are "obviously" NOT pictures of me... however, I imagine it was quite like this in the 70's.


ktmay said...

YEAH!!!! (in my cheesy "are you retarded?" voice)- you are bloggin!!!!! i love it. love that picture of you too. i am so glad you were born. by the by, my laundry is in a pile on my bed (at least i finished MOST of it today) and i am here on the computer procrastinating the inevitable- will i finish the pile or throw it all back in the basket and shove it back into the closet til tomorrow? hmmmmmmm (prolly the 2nd one)

Mother Goose said...

why have I forgotten you and mr. incredible share the same d.o.b.?

I am FIVE years older than YOU!!! waaaaaaah,
call the waaambulance for me pulleeze