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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Girls, Little Girls!!

I was a very shy child... imagine that! I would hide behind, or under, my mother's dress so I would not be seen. I did not like people talking to me because I would turn all shades of red and purple! I spent a lot of time by myself..doing my own thing. I loved to cut out my own paper dolls and work on cut and paste books. I could spend hours with a bunch of catalogs.

Because I was so shy I guess I was not seen as much. My mother one day had a friend over visiting and her friend asked who I was... my mom said "that's keli"... the woman had no idea I existed! :)
I love my little house on the prairie dress!! :) Notice my hair...??? I cut it myself!
Little something about me....When I was around 3 years old I broke my nose!! I was hanging onto the edge of a table and pulled it down on top of my face.. hit me right in the nose. It broke and bled. That is why I now have a little bump on my nose. :)


Clint and Danelle ORY said...

I really like the format of how you are blogging, starting from the beginning. That is cool. I miss you and your family. I hope you guys are well, sounds like you've settled in just fine!

ktmay said...

awwwwww....i love all these old pictures. i don't really have any baby pics of myself. this is great stuff.

Merrianne said...

Aaaw!! Those are such cute pictures!!!!!

Mother Goose said...

hey kels! I can't believe you were a BLONDE!!! and no freakin' way can I BELIEVE that you were EVER SHY!!!! are you kidding me??

Mother Goose said...

hey, i had a laura ingalls wilder dress too, but mine looked like patch work!

vicki said...

Very cute! I can't believe you were ever shy!