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Monday, September 29, 2008

Elementary School Days

School days... I lived out on Lee Road...wayyy out where, when you say "going to town".. you really meant... GOING TO TOWN! We lived in the country!! In 1st grade I won THE BEST COLORED PICTURE in my class :) ...which, by the way, I still have in my "babybox"..... This is a picture of me in 1st or 2nd grade. (6/7yr old) No front teeth, sporting my dragon shirt and red pants! "Country Living" was way too far from New Orleans where my dad worked. So we moved back to town! :) THIRD GRADE: LIFE LESSON::: Me and my all time favorite "Crayon purse"! Shaped like a crayon!! I felt so big having a purse of my own. And it was so cool. I could put all my little things in it. I took it to school with me in 3rd grade. I was in Mrs Washington's class, a strict teacher. I sat around a few boys who would sometimes tease and talk to me. I left the classroom to go to some kind of girls assembly and the boys were left in the room. When we came back my purse was gone! . . I looked all around my desk, in my desk, Where was my purse??? It had my stuff in it and that was MY purse! The boys were snickering. I wanted my purse back! Noone would confess to taking it. Noone said a word about it. ~I do not remember telling the teacher; however, if I had she did nothing about it because I never saw my little crayon purse ever again. I was so sad, hurt, upset and shocked that someone would take something that belonged to me. I can remember my feelings.. even today. I WAS 8!! My favorite Number even till this day! I love the number 8.. 8 was when i was baptised and there are 8 people in my immediate family. I LOVE MY FAMILY :) CHOOSE THE RIGHT! My class at church was called CTR. I was preparing to be baptised at church. I would then be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was learning what it meant and what I would be promising my Heavenly Father when I get baptised. This is me in my class. WHY my mom had my hair cut like this I will NEVER know! I look like my little brother~ Cori! (Note: my socks!! lol) FOURTH GRADE picture!! more hair! yeah! Did I forget it was picture day??? 9 years old!! I was big! I started keeping a journal around this time. ~~And I still continue to write in journals. I have a box full from the time I was a little girl, all through school and teenage years and falling in love, to College and Marriage, on to Military Life and Moving around, being a new mom, trials and depression, Faith and testimonies...My life written down.. in journals!~~ yikes!! :) I was reading my journal from 4th grade.. I called a boy! HOLY! YOUNG!! I wrote about my friends.. liking them one day and not liking them the next. LOL! More pictures of me around this time. I loved wearing my moms "twist bead" necklace.. three bead necklaces twisted together!! AWESOME!! :) Are those gray shoes or really dirty white?

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vicki said...

Love it! I can really see your kids in you now.