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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Growing Up!

Ten years have passed.. I am growing up! I shared a room with my big sister Christy who was 16 years old. (6 years older than me) I love my big sister and I loved sharing a room with her. I felt so big and grown. In this picture I was 9 or 10 years old. We were at a church activity in the park. I won first place!! two times! One for catching the chicken that was let loose..we had to run around and try to catch this chicken that was freaking out!! I got it! and the other ribbon??? probably for running fast. :) My mom would put our hair up in these little pink foam curlers at night and we would have to sleep (barely!!) with them in our hair. I hated those things. They were so uncomfortable. But I must have liked my hair curly because I let her do it over and over again for church. Me..Katie and Carrie.. my younger sisters. Here I am in 5th grade! My school picture! I liked 5th grade. The boys called me "poochy".. because there was a toy (yes, it was a dog).. that had ears.. and when i would wear my hair in pony tails I guess they figured we looked alike. lol!! I enjoyed running. And i could run FAST! On our field day at school we had a race with boys and girls. I beat the biggest, tallest, fastest boy! yeah me!! My siblings... Cori , Katie, Me and Carrie I loved to play soccer. I started playing when I was around 10 years old. I played Forward and usually Center. I could run fast and kick that ball. I loved to make goals. I played for years... I LOVED playing a game after a big rain. It was so much fun kicking mud all over and slipping and sliding. I would be a mess afterwards!


Mother Goose said...

keli, I loved that you were athletic! I loved to run too! EMily looks a lot like kt when she was young.
YOU were adorable with blonde hair and yeah I remember those horrible foam pink rollers.
I liked my hair curly too.

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

WOW! Keli, I didnt know you had a blog? These pics of you are so way cute! I am totally going to link you on my blog so I can keep up with you! Ours is if you are interested!

ktmay said...

oh my word, i love it. how fun! i need to get my baby box so i can do this. your hair in 2 pony tails did kind of look like annie's ears! LOL

Church Fam said...

Hi Keli! found your blog. what a cute little girl you were and fun to see you family so long ago.