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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back Yard Burning

I finally got around to my "Paper Situation"! You know, all the paper that piles up for years.. receipts, bill stubs, carbon copy checks, medical bills, etc... Boxes and boxes of Paper!!
I had my shredder out and I was determined to purge!
Well, I got tired of going through and sorting what I needed to shred and what could just be thrown into the garbage, so we had a backyard bonfire and burned it!
The kids had fun!!
Keith getting the flame going. The kids gathered pine straw and twigs from the yard.
WooHoo!! FIRE!!! We got it going and the Burning begins!
Stacks and stacks of old bills and shreds. Who said we had to keep that stuff???
Hayden, Keith and Madie
Madie behind the smoke screen.
Hayden enjoyed reading what he was burning. Lol!
The only pictures of me are the ones I take of myself.
We were watching the kids have fun.
Time to put the fire out! Why is it that we keep paper? Paper, paper, paper!! It piles up and then we don't know what to do with it so it ends up in a box..the box ends up in a closet until the closet is too full. Then it ends up in the garage .. until it finally ends up in the attic.. taking up space..just sitting and sitting for years! Who needs the receipt from a water bill from 5 years ago?
Paper clutter is so unnecessary!


ktmay said...

you speak the truth sista mine! i need to have one of those bonfires myself. i'd just hate to burn my brand new grass. LOL. but we do have some bare patches in the fornt yard dang it. paper piles up so fast. i hate it!!!

vicki said...

Duane keeps a lot of paper, too. I have no idea what he does with it. Shredding paper sounds like fun for about 15 minutes and then fire sounds like more fun. I vote for fire...that doesn't sound very good, does it??