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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

I'm a Southern girl...Born and raised in Louisiana.
Louisiana is known for many things:
The City of New Orleans~ The French Quarter
Food~ Crawfish, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice, Po'Boys, Beignets, Pralines, Seafood, Grits, Hot Sauce~ Tabasco, King Cakes!
Popeye's, Copeland's, Quaint Restaurants
Hurricanes, Swamps, Humidity
MARDI GRAS!!! Parades, beads, throws, floats, crews, parties & balls.
Growing up I loved going to the parades. Being a child I can remember running up to the long 18 wheeler floats that were decorated to whatever theme they had for that year. Men, Women and children would be hanging over the edges of the floats throwing gobs and gobs of beads, toys, cups (my favorite), candy, underwear, spears, stuffed animals, roses....etc....etc...etc....
Oh, and the crazy things people would do for plastic beads!
Push, shove, argue, flash...yes, boobs!!
I don't know how more children were not run over by those big 18 wheeler trucks.
100's and 100's of floats. All day long.
Through the years... it just gets old. (at least for me!)
The ONLY thing I look forward to now with Mardi Gras season is my all time favorite
Yes... this is about my favorite Ice cream!
Blue Bell is a Southern Ice Cream company.
And although Blue Bell is only available in about 20% of the nation’s supermarkets, it ranks as one of the top three best selling ice creams in the country. Our products are sold in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. No matter how much the market grows, quality standards never change and are never diluted or compromised. That's why, people who are lucky enough to live where they can buy Blue Bell Ice Cream, say it's "the best ice cream in the country."
And..I must agree! It is "the best ice cream in the country!"
A few years ago they came out with a New, limited Ice cream just in time for Mardi Gras season.. It is called "Mardi Gras".
I LOVE trying new flavors so I bought it and tried it and LOVED IT! Since it is seasonal I had to make sure I always had a tub in my freezer!
Mardi Gras passed, the Ice Cream was no longer made.. and I was sad.
Last was Mardi Gras time again!!! Woohooo....My icecream!!!
I looked and looked and looked for that ice cream and could not find it anywhere! :(
A week ago I was at wal-mart (shock) and walked passed the freezer section and there at the end of the isle, behind the fogged up freezer doors... In all its beautiful PURPLE AND GREEN COLORS...It was calling my name!!!!! :)
I got just a little excited as you can probably imagine.
I bought one. And before than one ran out... I bought another one. I just ate the last cup of my second container. (GASP) ~somehow I still fit into my jeans.
Here it is:
Mardi Gras Ice Cream
Almond Flavored Ice Cream with
Amaretto Sauce and Candy Sprinkles


vicki said...

I have been wanting to try Mardi Gras flavor for years!! You are right...Blue Bell is the absolute best ice cream in the country. I have tried all of them! Duane even talked about how this place in New Zealand had the best ice cream. It's called Rush Munroe. If you google it you will see people all over the world say it's the best. Well, I tasted it 2 years ago and it was heaven...but not as good as Blue Bell!!! I am geeting some of that Mardi Gras flavor.

ktmay said...

ewww really???? i don't know about the sound of that . almond and amaretto...hmmm...why can you get away with eating all that and stay skinny, ya turd? i might have to try it. i have just never bothered to buy any flavor other than chocolate. the more chocolate the better. my fave blue bell is fudge brownie nut, which i haven't seen in a long time. i wish they'd quit doing that. they seem to rotate the flavors they make huh?