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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Totally Random Pics of me

I am usually the one taking all the pictures so there are rarely any of me unless I take them myself... and we all know how those turn out :) I normally do not enjoy sharing those because the either show a double chin(s), a wild nose hair or the flab under my arms.... lol... ( I take great shots of myself!) Well.... these are NOT much better. But hey, what am I supposed to do with all those "bad shots"? You know, the blurry ones, the red eyes, the half open eyes, the morning ones... ... all the ones that you want to press delete..but you keep them anyways. lol Well... I figured I should do SOMETHING with them...why not blog them! Me, Madie and Hayden were playing Jenga and seeing if we could beat 32 rows. We did!! we made it to 34!!! woohoo!!! It made me a little anxious and nervous... as you will be able to see. Hayden makes me so nervous! He pokes and pulls and makes the tower wiggle and move all over....just about gives me a panic
>It is fun playing with Madie and Hayden. They always make me laugh.
In Mississippi at the Camp. My daddy was teaching me how to drive the 4wheeler. It was a little different than the other ones. Had to shift it with your foot...real fun though!!!! It is so pretty there!
WHO KNOWS!!! I was obviously doing what I do!!!! On the computer! Looks like I just showered. Me in my "natural beauty".. ha!! no makeup. I love, love, LOVE my robe. Treated myself to Victoria's Secret~ It is my all time favorite robe...i even sleep in it sometimes. It is that comfortable. Hayden was showing me something and Madie was obviously taking pics.. thanks! See.. this is one picture I would have never shown anyone.
Oh my....This is a funny picture! Me, my dad and in front of my dad was my little sister Katie. Three of us on that 4wheeler! My dad wanted to take us on a ride. It lasted for a good 30 minutes. Going fast, over bumps, making it quite exciting..especially for katie who was sitting in the front with her feet up top and no way to truly hold on good. She thought she peed on herself. (which she did NOT) We were laughing so hard.
Christmas day... yeah, it is a shot i took of myself. But hey... I think it was only 1 of maybe 6 pictures that I had of me on Christmas day. lol. I just my robe again. See... I really like my robe! I was taking pics of the kids and trying to get video too.
Another "self photography" :) Christmas morning. It was 6am. We had been up since 5am. I was crawling back into bed! Cute huh? and uhh..yeah, I slept with my makeup on. "They say" (whoever they is) that when you sleep with makeup on it ages you. gasp!!!! Also..if you sleep with mascara on little bugs get in your lashes and feed on it at night. grosssss!!!!!! I normally take my makeup off... It was a late night! :)
I/s320/Christmas+Day+093.JPG" border=0> Oh, this is a really lovely picture! I was opening my christmas gift that keith got me. A really really cool decorative box. I love that kind of stuff :) It was HEAVY!! I think I was even saying "ohhh, it's heavy". :)
Yeah, a gift for me. I like gifts, especially when they are a surprise! That is one of those half open eye pictures that you would never share with anyone... but hey..whatever!
.JPG" border=0> After hours of cooking...we finally eat! At first i thought there was something interfering with Madie's picture...but I realize it is just the steam coming off of her food! :) Yeah, that is 2 rolls on my plate!
" alt="" src="" border=0> Madie caught me!
I didn't say take a picture of the paper towels! I said come and GET them!!! I hate when my counters get cluttered with stuff when i am cooking. It drives me crazy. WAS Christmas and I just had to accept the fact that my entire house was destroyed in a matter of hours. Breathe!!!!!
Oh yeah, this is a really good one. Back profile! See how i normally wear my hair at home? Why even grow it out if it is going to sit on top of my head? geez!!
St6g7zg/s320/100_0010.jpg" border=0> And last of all.... the "Side-Profile" picture that we all love so much! Thanks Madie! This picture is not as obvious as some others....however, I will still explain the prominant bump on my nose. I have a "nose hump" LOL...
When i was 3 years old I pulled a table down on myself and it landed on my nose.. and broke it. OHHH..(lightbulb moment) that means my nose will be PERFECT one day... yeah! :) lol. It is not a big deal to me though... it is just a nose. At least I can still smell with it. I am not obsessed with it.. Just thought i would share a little tidbit of information with ya...
320/100_0006.jpg" border=0> There are some of my "reject" pictures! The ones that take up space on my computer because I dont want to delete them and yet, I would never actually think of sharing them with other people... But hey... that is what blogs are for right???


ktmay said...

that is too funny!
maybe i should do that. but i have some REALLY ugly pictures of myself. yours aren't even bad at all!!! actually, i do tend to delete the truly HEINOUS ones of myself. especially the fat ones, LOL. your computer must load your pictures fatser than mine does. i love all the pics!

vicki said...

You crack me up!!

jenny said...

The one you took of yourself with the flash in the mirror, looks like you were flipping off the camera, Keli! Bad, girl!

Tanya said...

Consider yourself "friended"! :)