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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Family Outing

5:00 pm: "Kids!! Get some clothes on and put your shoes on! We are going somewhere!" ...Where are we going?... "It's a surprise! Just get dressed....and put clothes on that you can wear into town!!! Make sure it matches!!! And get your jacket." ...But..where are we going??...
It's a Surprise!!!
5:30 pm.. On the road! Kids are wondering where we are going. They can not handle the suspense. 100 questions begins!! Are we going to the movies? bowling? Cart Ranch? Cajun Dome?... It's a SURPRISE! Dang it!!
Keith does not like me taking pictures of him. It is almost impossible to get a good pic...without him making a face!
Yeah, me taking a pic of myself. They are usually the only ones I have!
MADIE & HAYDEN melting their brains!!
6:00 pm... Where are we going????? Well..... there is a clown! "Are we going to the Circus??"
IT STINKS!!!!!!! EWWW!!!!
Gotta get some tickets!!!
WHY???? Can yall just behave and not lick the poles? Do I have to beat yall in public?? ha!
They must have seen A Christmas Story too many times this year!
And was not cold.
The only thing their tongues would stick to would be the funky germs!
It's a RODEO!!! Look at all those TRUCKS! It looks like a Redneck Truck Convention!
You can't go on a Family Outing and not buy overly priced sugar!!
Cotton Candy.. $5.00
(do you wanna leave a tip sir?..uhh..ssuure..$2.00)
Sugar High..PRICELESS!!
Just what my kids need!
Okay everyone..look.. let me take a picture of yall...
Hayden!!!!!!! get your head out the way!!! :)
Yall are so crazy! (you must take after your dad!!)
Contemplating Bull Riding Look..It's me..again.. taking a picture of ME!
This was by far the CRAZIEST EVENT of the night!
A redneck wedding!!
Right there in the middle of the Rodeo.
A truck pulls out with the groom and his men on the back of the truck and the bride was inside. She gets out of the truck, in her white wedding gown, onto the manure covered red dirt.
"Look mom!! That Bull is giving the other one a piggy back ride!"
Uh, yeah...
Piggy Back Ride!!!
It is hard to see..however, in the back.. you can see a bull a piggy back ride to another one...ewww!!!
And, yeah.. leave it to me to try to get a picture of it!! LOL!


Heidi said...

YEEE HAW! WHat fun! I think it's great when they have something to look forward to but even better when you can SURPRISE them! It's awesome! One day we did this and went to the Kart Ranch (It was a radio personality's birthday and no school!) and they were absolutely thrilled all day! :D

Uh, I gotta say, though, my white dress wouldn't have gotten on that dirt!

vicki said...

Surprises are fun! I bet the kids will remember stuff like that forever. My allergies are flared up just thinking about the rodeo. I can't go to the circus, either. Such a party pooper!

Lewis Family said...

How fun is that. Don't you just love how nice and friendly those bulls can be. The one on top must of sprained his hoof.