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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Need I say more?

I believe these pictures speak for themselves!!!!!
I think some creature just crawled up in me and took possession of my body.


vicki said...

So funny! I don't get PMS or cramps but I am very sympathic to those who do. Hope you are back to your delightful self very soon!

Kari said...

Very funny!

Heidi said...

I'm with Vicki.... Depo Provera!
So when I am horrible it's really me! AHHHH! Can't I blame it on something?

ktmay said...

you know what's even worse? i don't even know if i still get pms. but if i do that would explain a lot. even though i have no uterus, i still have the ovaries, make the egg, etc. so it makes sense i get hormonal surges right? i have no idea how all of that works. seems weird and icky that my body is absorbing these eggs every month. seems like they'd create some kind of blockage somewhere? ugh. but that's totally off the subject. maybe i should start keeping track of my mood swings. maybe there's a pattern to be discovered? but if i find a pattern, then what? is it worth the investigation? why am i up so late?