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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another year, another parade...

Yep! It's THAT time!!
~I'd rather be....anywhere else!~ the south..Ya just gotta!
This is our 1st parade:
Youngsville, LA
Madie, Hayden and I went to the Dressler's to eat and hang out and wait for the parade to start. They live on the route! While waiting, the kids enjoyed "The DITCH!"
Can I get a smile???
Hayden hanging out "on the other side of the ditch" with Jennifer Woolsey. He realized he could catch a lot back there!!
Whoo Hoo!!! A FOOTBALL!!!
Our 2nd & 3rd Mardi Gras Parade
Lafayette, LA
and yes...I actually took a picture!
I looked down, and there it was.
Okay... so, first ya have to find a place to sit and wait...
Parade starts at 1pm.
so we sit..and wait..
and wait...
and wait..
Madie brought her Nintendo DS..
are you serious???
well..ya gotta do something while you are
and waiting..
and waiting...
Smile for the camera! Can you just SMILE... just ONCE???
Supporting the Boy Scouts Fundraiser!
Nachos & Cheese
and still waiting..
They must be REALLY bored!
They have now covered me in pokey little things..they found in the grass.
My favorite part of Mardi Gras parades is "People Watching"~
This is what I call
"The Crap Cart"
You can see these rolling down the road...
covered in really expensive CHEAP Crap!
I think this may have been a first for me. I can understand the message..however, it just seemed a little out of place..
Preaching to a bunch of Drunks.
We got to the parade route at about 12:30..
and if Finally got to us at about 3pm!
Many floats were already out of beads..
Throw me something!
~madie says.. Mom! That was NOT worth waiting 2 hours for!~
Lafayette, LA
once again..
another year, another parade..
~I'd rather be...anywhere else!~
..and what the heck am I supposed to do with all those beads??


Church Fam said...

It still made me miss mardi Gras

vicki said...

So fun! I love the pics especially the one featuring "Jesus saves from Hell". Good times.

ktmay said...

oh my word, you are so funny. i was laughing my butt off. you really did hit the highlights. or should i say low lights??? that's mardi gras in a nut shell. nasty rubbery "things" in the grass...the CRAP cart (you nailed it!!) and the picketing preachers of doom and gloom. i love when people go for the "hellfire and damnation" approach to preaching. so motivating. who wouldn't want to go to a church that makes such scary threats? sign me up. (not) love you!!! you are so cute in that picture. you look like a kid.

Bridget Andersen said...

LOL! I was laughing about the "crap cart" that is what I call it too there is no other word to describe it.

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

I totally miss Mardi Gras, that is such a fun holiday! My nieces boyfriends family is from Louisiana and they had a Mardi Gras party and so I was so excited for her to go I told her the history and everything behind it! She said when she told them about the history they just looked at her and said, "Uh, we just like to party." Haha, really does anyone follow like the whole ash wed/lent thing anymore? Or is that just the history! Really just one big awesome party!

Tanya said...

Maybe it's because we're transplants and this is only our second year but we LOVE Mardi Gras. Or maybe we just love having cheap crap thrown at us!! You captured it so well I might skip posting it on our blog and just direct everyone to yours!! :)

Laughed so hard at the "magic balloon" on the ground. Seriously people - disgusting!!!

ktmay said...

update your blog woman!!!

mother goose said...

i just found you! are you not blogging anymore.